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-real-poker-10-000-usd/ Posted by slotschat at Sunday, January 26, 2018A 5-day course on ‘Ethics and Disciplinary Law’ is to be held in the High Court next month by a retired judge and a former solicitor who say that judges should give no more than their agreement to misconduct investigations. The course is being held by retired judge Mr Justice Stephen Brown and ex-solicitor, now barrister, Mr Matthew McGrath. The course will be held in the Supreme Court and is the first of its kind in Ireland. Mr Justice Brown and Mr McGrath say the course will take place in the High Court during the month of January. They will be assisted by other retired judges, legal executives and barristers. Mr Justice Brown says he has been considering creating the course for several years and that he hopes it will be helpful to the judiciary and legal profession. He says it will provide a much-needed update and training on the law and ethics to the judiciary. “An ethical bar would be an ideal outcome but realistically that is not possible, so we need to establish the necessary standards of the profession,” he said. “It will, however, address the fact that our legal system has failed to adequately teach the profession and even more so the judiciary about ethics and the law.” Mr McGrath, who practised as a solicitor in the High Court, says that while there are excellent frameworks and excellent guidelines in the Law Society of Ireland, the course will examine what the legal profession should expect and what it should not expect. “The importance of training for both judges and practitioners was recognised by the Law Society over the years,” he said. “However, it is recognised that there needs to be an update on key legal issues and practical aspects of the law, including ethics and the legal system. “There is a real and growing concern about the level of ethical standards in the profession and this course will address that.”Q: Question mark in mysql When I query with?, does the result I get has no space between the question mark and the?? For example: select distinct(time) from table In this case, would it be like this? or select distinct(time)




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Introduccion Al Derecho 1 Santiago Lopez Aguilar Pdf 24

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